Commission IFOMPT

ABSG is the member organization of the International Federation of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapists Specialized in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IFOMPT).  Recognition as an IFOMPT member organization means that manual therapy formations meet IFOMPT's educational standards for advanced orthopedic manual physiotherapy.

The IFOMPT Commission of ABSG is responsible for verifying and validating the certificates and diplomas of physiotherapists who have followed an IFOMPT approved educational program in Belgium.  Physiotherapists with a master's degree in science or a postgraduate academic master's degree in manual therapy can obtain an  IFOMPT-certification as a manual therapist.  In addition, this working group monitors the five-year follow-up of IFOMPT.  During this international assessment, the Belgian formations in manual therapy are checked wether they meet the educational standards of the IFOMPT.

However, in Belgium, the approval of manual therapist is governed by the laws on specific professional qualifications in physiotherapy and by local and federal authorities.

The Federal Public Service (FPS) Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and the Environment is responsible for the various legal aspects related to the profession of physiotherapist (delivery of the physiotherapy visa, competence to define the standards that physiotherapists must meet to obtain and maintain  recognition of their specific professional qualifications).

The Flemish and French Communities are responsible for administrative and executive aspects in Flanders and Wallonia respectively (recognition of professional diplomas for Belgian and foreign physiotherapists, definition of quotas, management of the approval commission).

For all information relating to training and further training for physiotherapists and physiotherapists with a particular professional qualification, visit the websites of the French Community and the Flemish Community of Belgium.