European Congress Manual Therapy - ECMT

  • 15-16 september 2023

Patient centered care: a key to empower manual therapy
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  • 16 september 2021 => online mini-symposium / Corona edition

The role (or not) of manual therapy in musculoskeletal pain problems / 3h
IKevin Kuppens (B), Louie Puentedura (USA), Jeroen Alessie (NL)

  • 20-21 september 2019

Manual Therapy: the future aHEAD - Cervico-cephalic complaints / 18h       (=> click on title to watch compilation video)
Joel Bialosky (USA), Willem De Hertogh (B), Sarah Michiels (B), Sue Reid (AUS), Corine Visscher (NL), Chris Worsfold (UK)

  • 22-23 september 2017

Extremities in Manual Therapy / 18h
Isabel Baert (B), Chad Cook (USA), Bart Dingenen (B), Alison Grimaldi (AUS), Jeremy Lewis (UK), Filip Struyf (B)

  • 18-19 september 2015

e-Motion in Spinal Pain / 18h
Lieven Annemans (B), Bart Koes (NL), Neil O'Connell (UK), Michele Sterling (AUS), Monika Hasenbring (GER), Rob Smeets (NL), Deborah Falla (GER), Benjamin Hidalgo (B), Michel Coppieters (NL), Wim Dankaerts (B), Nathalie Roussel (B), Katrien Bartholomeeusen (B)

  • 21-22 september 2012

Manual Therapy: state of the art / 18h
Arianne Verhagen (NL), Lieven Danneels (B), Gerbrand Groen (NL), Rene Castien (NL), Sidney Rubinstein (NL), Barbara Cagnie (B), Alan Taylor (UK), Sylvie Tack (B), Jilles Heringa (NL)

  • 21-23 september 2010

Neurological concepts and impact of manual therapy on pain / 18h
Mick Thacker (UK), Sean Gibbons (CAN), Tim Beames (UK), Jo Nijs (B), Sandra Kamping (GER), Mira Meeus (B), Filip Descheemaeker (B), Robert Kersten (NL), Guy Gilbers (NL)

  • 21-22 september 2006

State of the art in managing upper limb joint and soft tissue disorders / 21h
Karim Kahn (CAN), Bill Vicenzino (AUS), J. Gielen (B), Jean-Pierre Baeyens (B), Ann Cools (B), Rachel Leary (UK)

  • 16-18 september 2004

Movement impairments and stability disorders in the lower quadrant / 21h
Serge Gracovetsky (CAN), Shirley Sharmann (USA), Sarah Mottram (UK), Sean Gibbons (CAN)

  • 26-28 september 2002

Integrative management of dynamic stability and muscle balance disorders in the cervical spine / 21h
Mark Comerford (AUS), Steve Bunce (UK), Heinz Strassl (AUT)

  • 7-9 september 2000

Movement, stability and low back pain - the essential role of the pelvis / 21h 
Andry Vleeming (USA), Diane Lee (CAN)