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Who are we ?

Since December 2, 2014 MATHERA.be is recognized by Axxon PTiB - Physical Therapy in Belgium as the first Belgian Clinical Interest Group.  >From now on we operate under the new name 'Axxon BCIG, MATHERA.be'.


Since January 31, 2013 BVMT-ABTM and BWMT go together under the name MATHERA.be (Manual Therapy Association Belgium).  End of 2012 an obvious majority of BWMT-members has agree to a merger by acquisition between BVMT-ABTM and BWMT. During a special general meeting of BVMT-ABTM on 31/01/2013 a 2/3 majority by the members approved this merger association.

This new scientific association gathers students and university graduates in manual therapy of the KU Leuven, UC Louvain, UGent, U Luik and VU Brussel.  She is open to any manual therapist with a diploma or certificate from an IFOMPT-approved training. In Belgium every university trained manual therapist meets the international (educational) standards of the IFOMPT (International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists), which is a subgroup of WCPT (World Confederation for Physical Therapy), the world physical therapists organization recognized by WHO.

By combining the two organizations - each with over 20 years of experience - and the inclusion of all university graduated manual therapists of both Flanders and Wallonia (first graduates are expected in 2014), MATHERA.be is a powerful group which defend with high priority, both nationally and internationally, the interests of manual therapy in general and the scientific seriousness and professional pride of every manual therapist particularly.

The Board of our association is composed with former boardmembers of BVMT-ABTM and BWMT and also delegates from each Belgian university that offers manual therapy education.